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F/10/1, Puwakella Rd, Alawwa.

60280, Sri Lanka.

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We are passionate about the IT industry. So we provide solutions using IT to increase the productivity of people.

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About Origyn Healthcare

Origyn health care is a subsidiary of Origyn Systems which is established to provide online solutions to the healthcare sector because of the low efficiency in engaging with each other in health services in Sri Lanka.

The primary vision of Origyn Systems is challenging the status quo. So Origyn healthcare is here to do the same. Change the things that have been done in past years for a better and efficient way.

We are solving the main healthcare problems by building Origyn Healthcare. We build a health forum. You can connect with people who are having the same disease. Share your ideas and get advice from experts. Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are a lot of people out there like you, suffering like you. We bring you some relief. Also, we build a system that schedule doctors in a more efficient way.  Stay with us.

Expert Doctors.
Suffering Patients.

Your health comes first! Don’t worry. Our platforms are bringing you the best features and services to keep you connected to all parties.

We Connect You!

Our Helathcare Services.

We are creating online solutions to the healthcare sector to increase the productivity of people engaging with each other.

Health Account

Get a own heath account


Place appointments online

Health News

Get health news everyday


Live life more productive

Health Report

All your health information at one place


Find nearby hospitals

Health Tips

Fill your mind with good heath tips

Stress Release

Free up your mind


Connect with each other

Medical Centers

Find nearby medical centers


Find best coaches


Help others to prevent disease

Online Chat

Chat with other patients and doctors


Find nearby pharmacies


Get exercise tips

Make Friends

Collect new friends around the country

Connect With An Expert.

We have a bunch of expert doctors in various specialties to support you. We will give you all these features near future. Be ready to create an account and join us.

Why we build this


Connect you to Doctors

You can get connected with expert doctors related to your disease.


Online Scheduling

You can place an appointment when you are at home.


Get insights

You can get to know about diseases and how to prevent them.

Best Healthcare System Designed Only For You

Our Vision

Increasing the productivity of people engaging with each other.

Our Mission

Provide safe patient-oriented platforms to schedule, discuss, help each other and prevent disease.


Years in Business

A New Way to Connect Patients & Doctors

We know how you feel when you are suffering from a disease and when there is no one to tell and reduce the stress in your head.

We found a solution. We give you the safe patient oriented healthcare platform to discuss your matters and chance to get connected with doctors and other patients.

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F/10/1, Puwakella Rd, Weniwallakaduwa, Alawwa.

60280 Sri Lanka

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